Organic Morello Cherry Gin



Bursting with life, this delightful Gin is like skipping through the park. The perfect cocktail companion or simply on it’s own over ice. Putting the Spring back in your step.

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Kingdom Recommends has created the perfect celebration drink – Organic Morello Cherry Gin, a cherry gin like no other, created with the glorious months of sunshine and outdoor living in mind. Imagine yourself enjoying quality time with friends and family and introducing the most interesting and exciting gin to the drinks menu – you and our Cherry Gin will be the stars of the show. For days when you feel like something special you can pair our Organic Morello Cherry Gin with Prosecco and make your own Prosecco cocktail. Just pop a measure of gin into the bottom of your glass and top up with Prosecco and ta-daa you have our take on the traditional Bellini. The cherries in our Cherry Gin are the real deal, of course organic and bursting with flavour which is what makes this gin very, very tasty. It’s designed for you to drink on its own over ice, it’s a base for cocktails, can be mixed with tonic or your favourite mixer and we are sure you won’t be able to find another Cherry Gin with so much to offer. The flavour is distinctive and leaves a pleasant, subtle cherry aftertaste.

Here at Kingdom Recommends we believe in producing spirits that are patiently distilled in small batches, ensuring quality and uniqueness, and are created from the best quality fruits, spices and special ingredients which give this Cherry Gin and all our other flavours their unique qualities. Many hours of distilling, sampling and development go into every gin flavour Kingdom Recommends produce and we take our guidance from our customers. You told us you wanted a Cherry Gin, not sweet but fruity so here you are – our Organic Morello Cherry Gin, in an eye catching bottle which would look amazing on your drinks shelf as well as provide the tastiest of drinks for you and your guests. So come on, what are you waiting for, today is the day you should treat yourself to a bottle of Kingdom Recommends Organic Morello Cherry Gin, come and join the Kingdom Recommends tribe, become part of our family, enjoy our gin, tell us what you think by leaving a review on Trustpilot and look out for cocktail recipes on our website, follow us on social media and enjoy your drink, you’ll soon see why this flavour has been a finalist in the Peoples Choice Awards 2022 and why we know it’s a winner through and through!

The Story

In May, 2000 an 18 year old, South African boy arrived in London, England. He was here to further his education, to study politics and history, so that he could better his life, pursue a career in government and support his family at home.

When he arrived his visit did not go to plan, the friends he thought he had to stay with could not be found and instead of being met by familiar faces, he found himself alone in an unknown city, with little money and no where to go. The money he had, had been borrowed from a family friend, he didn’t want to use it, waste it as he knew it needed to be repaid, so after a 13 hour flight, he got his bags and walked the streets of London.

3 weeks passed by, he phoned his mum, crying, he told her he was sorry, but he couldn’t go on, England was not the place he had heard it was, he was tired, the streets were lonely, he was lonely and he didn’t know where he belonged or what he could do, it was a dark time. His mum was worried, there were no mobile phones and she had no way of contacting him, it was 4 weeks before she heard from him again and this is what had happened during that time…..

After he ended the phone call a man approached the boy and asked him if he was ok, it was that moment of kindness that lasted for ever. After talking together, the boy explained he had nothing and all he wanted to do was provide and support his family. They spoke at length about the world and opportunity within it, then the man offered him a life line. He gave him the opportunity of work, he gave him a chance, a job and reminded him to believe in himself.

20 years on and a lot has changed, but the story of one mans belief in another shows how people continue to have faith in one another’s dream.

“Ubuntu” – I am because we are.


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