Kingdom’s Orange and Nutmeg Gin



This delightful orange & nutmeg gin has been inspired by the festive season.

Our orange and nutmeg gin has been lovingly created for you to enjoy over ice or with a mixer of your choice, we recommend cloudy apple juice to complement the flavours of this premium gin.

A little bit of Christmas in a glass.

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When we started developing our winter gin collection we wanted to include aromas and flavours that we associate with the colder autumnal and winter seasons.  Oranges are the fruit of the festive season, nutmeg is a wonderfully warming winter spice so we began working on a recipe that combined the two and our Orange and Nutmeg Gin was born.  It may seem to be an unusual flavour combination for a bottle of gin, but one sip and the orange really comes through and the lovely warming notes of nutmeg afterwards make it a great tasting gin for the colder winter months.  As with all our gins the Orange and Nutmeg Gin can be enjoyed on its own, it’s so smooth you can sip it without a mixer, just add a few cubes of ice and a slice of orange and you will have the drink of the festive season.  I’ll let you into a secret, we have actually found the perfect way to enjoy it with a mixer – just add cloudy apple juice and it really brings out the flavours of the Orange and Nutmeg Gin, and for a winter warmer heat up the apple juice and make a hot toddy – we discovered how great this combination was while warming up our customers last winter at our outdoor events.  It’s great to find different flavour combinations for this versatile spirit, we know it can be enjoyed as a base for cocktails, there are recipes here on the website, and I know you will create your own flavour combinations to enjoy.  Whatever you choose, share it with us on social media, we know our customers have great taste and come up with ideas we have never thought of, and we never tire of hearing about them.

Because we are such a young business, we only launched December 2020, this year we have decided to take our products out on the road and hopefully introduce a whole new audience to our different flavours, especially Orange and Nutmeg.  You can find a list of upcoming events on this website and if there’s one close to you come and say hello and sample the whole range of Kingdom’s Gin.  We are a small batch gin producer, we don’t want to be anything else, and we are a company that puts time, effort and skill into producing a quality product, we’re not available in every supermarket but enjoyed by the discerning few.  Our relationship with our customers has got us this far, from the very first batch of one hundred sample bottles to the people we meet out and about who give us feedback and help us to widen our product range with ideas for new flavours.  We’d love you to join our tribe, so come and meet us, follow us on social media and keep in touch.

The Story

December 2013. It had been an exciting few months, finding a premises, getting a licence and building a new bar, from what was once an old retired building.

The race was on to get it open in time for Christmas, the team were determined, the builders & designers were confident we could turn it around…

And there it was on 6th December, The Suburbs opened its doors for the first time.

An idea and a passion that Kingdom shared with two great friends was brought to life after ten months in the making.  It wasn’t easy, but with the support from the team and the excitement within the community the bar opened.


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